Change is the only certainty


I’ve decided that the year 2013 would be the year I make my dreams come true or at least would try. It was meant to be the year of change and it is as change is the only certainty anyway. I started my journey in January leaving Prague with one big bag filled with summer clothes, books and hope. I got on a plane to Asia accompanied by the man i love. First stop was in between. We landed in Dubai, stayed for 4 days, looked around, went to the highest point in the world and kicked off our full shoes in exchange for sandals. Next stop was Bangkok which happened to be a hub for the months to come. Ondrej and I travelled through Thailand, peeked in to Cambodia, voted for Czech president at an embassy and temporarily parted ways a month later. He went home, I stayed and studied yoga. In the mean time I travelled to Sri Lanka and learned to make coffee, started to teach yoga, explored and lived by the sea for awhile. Another month later I returned to Bangkok to study some more and while there I celebrated Songran – Thai new year with loads of water.
Refreshed I continued to the north of Thailand to study yoga massage, meditate and live with a hill tribe. Another return to Bangkok took place, this time for just a little while before I took off to China. I looked around in amazement, pantomimed a lot, hit the Wall and had a great time.
4 months have passed as fast as an arrow and i landed in Prague last week. Winter turned into spring, I moved to a new neighbourhood and I am starting yet another yoga school in two days. Still not sure what it is i want to do when I grow up, but living a dream at the moment feels right. For now, for real and happily hopefully ever after. My return flight from Asia was originally booked for September. I was meant to be in Nepal at the moment. Well, plans change, impermanence is in all things and life will always go on…

And so will I. On a bike or on a Vespa. Some things will never change.



One thought on “Change is the only certainty

  1. Great read Tats, bought tears to my eyes. Go live your dream, why not, go do it. Many don’t have the balls to do it, stoked to see you have. You will find what you are looking for, I know it. xxxxxx

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