Here & Now

Let’s say life is a journey. One leg of the trip  gradually leads to another. I am grateful for the feeling of not being anywhere near the end. For knowing that i don’t know and have so much to learn and that each day brings a new experience. One that although it may seem similar to what already happened, opens a whole new chapter and endless possibilities. Point of view changes with each look and it doesn’t mean inconsistence but open mind that releases things that are free to go because they already left an imprint and they are generously making space for new light and perspective. The journey maybe long but it is not the destination but the road that really is the end not to mention that the end is nothing but an experience of the present moment. Peeling off the layers that have built up over the years. Be it stress, bad experience, sickness or too much partying. Free the body and soul from the remains of the days that are over and gone. Ut is quite a heavy load to carry each day. Better be here and now without dragging the past along.

Author: Tatiana Vomackova

Everything you can imagine is real.

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